Subjects Covered in Lower School

With an emphasis on teaching students how to develop innovative solutions for real life problems, count on Chase to lay the unique building blocks for design thinking. Units from Chase’s Core Curriculum build on one another, rather than being separate, sequential subjects. Each Lower School grade weaves a main theme throughout its curriculum, so that the subjects are linked in a meaningful, engaging way. 

Language Arts






Physical Education


Developing Bold & Creative Ideas

Students begin their vibrant Chase journey in Kindergarten, where they are taught strong academic fundamentals through hands-on, child-centered activities. Kindergarten and First Grade students develop the skills needed to progress with confidence and exuberance. Chase’s curriculum supports and encourages each child’s individual learning style, with an emphasis on letting children work at their own pace through differentiated instruction.

In second and third grade, students are filled with a sense of enthusiasm to learn and explore. Second and third graders at Chase are encouraged by their teachers to reach their academic, social and creative potential. Each grade cultivates a sense of independence, from the responsibility of returning a library book before its due date to the use of a daily planner to help organize homework and deadlines.

Chase students in upper elementary grades continue to develop a strong sense of academic independence and self-assurance. With a focus on independent reading, discussions and research, fourth and fifth graders use a variety of resources and tools to strengthen their innovative problem solving skills and study techniques. 

Outside of the Classroom

In addition to academics, Chase Collegiate offers Lower School students an opportunity to get involved through extracurriculars such as joining a sports team, taking part in the school play or learning an instrument! There’s always a space for you.